• Infants ~ 6 weeks to 12 months

Safe, Secure and Nurturing Environment

An infant’s capacity to learn is present from birth. Infants learn about their world primarily through social contact- the experiences they have with those who take care of them beginning at birth. Every infant is an individual with a unique temperament and a set of developing skills and abilities. Although the rate and pattern of development vary from child to child, all infants progress through similar stages of development.

Our infant program is closely attuned to the predictable sequences of normal infant development in the areas of motor skills, language and communication, cognition, and socialization. Caregivers play with the children, talk to them, respond to them and provide a consistency that makes the child’s environment more predictable and comfortable. Experiencing varied textures, foods, shapes, and sounds, as well as going for strolls outdoors and watching birds to stimulate your child.

We also begin teaching the infants Sign Language for Children.  They will be able to sign to you that they would like milk, to eat, ask for more, ask for mommy or daddy all before they can even talk.

Each infant has their own crib and the linen is changed daily. When the child is not asleep or eating, he/she is free to move about the room, explore and interact with others. The children are held, rocked, talked to, sung to, and as appropriate, taught basic concepts of language.

We adhere to daily schedules parents provide for eating, sleeping and other routines as much as possible, keeping in mind that infants will to some extent adjust those schedules based on their own needs. We provide written entries throughout the day, providing detailed information about food consumption, sleep, disposition and activity level and any special experiences or extraordinary achievements they make such as first word or first step.

BCDC Learning for Infants

Quality child care begins with quality programming.

In our infant classrooms we use the Frog Street Infant curriculum which is designed around the latest scientific early brain development research, Frog Street Infant curriculum is designed to build strong foundations for little ones ages 0-18 months. This child-centered program includes easy-to-use activities that:

Equip caregivers to nurture the little ones in their care.
Optimize key windows of opportunity for growth and development.
Are designed with intention and purpose and organized around developmental learning domains.
Feature Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Discipline® strategies to enhance social and emotional development.